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Those tiny little Exercise Sliders may look uninspired compared to the abundance of complicated and never ending exercise equipment on the market, yet there’s a very good reason this simple yet effective piece of exercise equipment has stood the test of time.

Engaging your core strength, they will make even the simplest of exercises exponentially harder. Exercise sliders are suitable for both beginners and professional athletes – often leaving them questioning their level of fitness!

Designed to be versatile, they’re cost effective, small, lightweight and can be used at home or on the go. Whether on a smooth (Carpet) or hard (floorboard) surface.

How do they work? Exercise Sliders essentially provide what is an unstable surface for your feet or hands. Forcing your body, whether it’s your core, glutes or abs, to stay engaged for the entire duration of the exercise.

Use the Exercise Sliders to vary your regular exercise routine. Increase the intensity level on classic exercises such as burpees, mountain climber, lunges, pushup variations, planks or leg curls.

There are never ending varieties to mix-up and level-up your much loved exercises. They will test your core strength and push you that extra mile.

Just 15-30min a day using our Exercise Sliders will provide a full body workout and have you seeing results in no time at all! Pair them with our Resistance Bands for an ultimate full-body workout and conditioning, whether at home or on the go.

Our sliders are the perfect addition to your workout routine.

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